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About me and my work.

Rehman is a marketing and branding consultant. He is the founder and CEO of MacroHype, a digital media and marketing company. MacroHype works in areas as diverse as digital marketing, video production, branding, online reputation management, search engine optimization, social media marketing, graphic designing, website designing, video production, public relation management, ghosting writing, email marketing, photography and videography.


Rehman is working with several for profit and non-profits organizations as a marketing/branding consultant and digital marketing consultant. He has turnaround several loss making businesses and made them into highly profitable ventures through innovative digital marketing strategies. He has handled PPC (Google Adwords & Facebook) campaigns of upto $10 Million. His expertise has enabled several small and midsize sized business to achieve 3X to 7X return on their investment. Rehman also specializes in providing marketing automation and CRM softwares consulting. In the past 12 years he has helped over 2500+ small and midsize businesses.


When not in office, he volunteers for various non profits and causes. He has extensive experience working in the non-profit sector and he serves as an advocate for various UN affiliated organizations and campaigns. He is a Youth Ambassador at the UN Education Envoy's Office and a partner in the United Nations post 2015 development agenda. He has contributed in the policy making of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. He has the privilege of speaking at various conferences and summits in countries like UK, UAE, Turkey, Germany, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Netherlands and France. 

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